Improved 32-pdr Guns – Models of 1840 and 1845

After the long production run of the 32-pdr Model 1829, the Army turned to simplified and improved designs.  In parallel to 42-pdr seacoast gun developments, two experimental “new model” guns appeared in 1839.  Columbia and West Point foundries cast one Model 1839 each.  As noted on the chart below, the design shortened the reinforce andContinue reading “Improved 32-pdr Guns – Models of 1840 and 1845”

32-pdr Seacoast Gun Model 1829

With some 1,222 ordered, these represent the largest make and model of seacoast guns produced before the Civil War. Until the arrival of the Rodman guns at the eve of the Civil War, the 32-pdr Model 1829 was the mainstay of the American coastal defenses.

12-pdr Field Gun Model 1841

From the time of the Revolution, the 12-pdr gun was the largest of its type in the American field artillery batteries.  Guns of the caliber saw wide use  in the siege & garrison and naval gun roles, mostly as the smallest weapons applicable to those roles.  But in the field artillery the 12-pdr was theContinue reading “12-pdr Field Gun Model 1841”