150 Years Ago: The Guns of Fort Donelson

Happy Valentine’s Day.  But in 1862, Valentine’s Day wasn’t such a pleasant day.  I yesterday mentioned the engagement on the Savannah River between Federal batteries and Confederate gunboats.  The respective seats changed along the Cumberland River where the Federal Mississippi River Squadron rounded the bend (seen below) to engage Confederate batteries at Fort Donelson. ThisContinue reading “150 Years Ago: The Guns of Fort Donelson”

150 Years Ago: A star rises from the Federal Ranks

On January 30, 1862, Major General Henry W. Halleck, commanding the Department of Missouri, issued orders setting in motion the capture of Forts Henry and Donelson.  As every Civil War student knows, Halleck placed Brigadier General Ulysses S. Grant in command of the expedition.  This effort, supported by a naval force under Flag-Officer Andrew Foote,Continue reading “150 Years Ago: A star rises from the Federal Ranks”

Model 1861 6-pdr Field Gun: The Ultimate Form, But a Little too Late

In American service the 6-pdr field gun, as a class of weapon, progressed from an “iron age” to a series of bronze guns (Model 1835, Models 1838 and 1840), evolving into the definitive Model 1841.  Through this evolution the ordnance officers paid some attention to the external form, so the exterior retained moldings with manyContinue reading “Model 1861 6-pdr Field Gun: The Ultimate Form, But a Little too Late”