Invoicing Drewry’s Bluff

Somebody’s got to supply the pieces and parts that wars are fought with.  And that often leads to a paperwork trail.  The J.R. Anderson & Company section of the Confederate Citizen’s Files provides numerous examples of such.  On occasion the billing details are sufficient to link a specific “part” to a historical event.  Such isContinue reading “Invoicing Drewry’s Bluff”

How do you elevate an seven-ton columbiad?

So you have one of those 15,000 pound 10-inch columbiads or 9,000 pound 8-inch columbiads mounted (which was no small feat to begin with).  The enemy fleet is threatening to sail up the channel.  How the heck to you point that big gun on the target? The Bellona 8-inch Columbiad at Fort Darling is aContinue reading “How do you elevate an seven-ton columbiad?”

But … Not to say there wasn’t a Confederate Rodman

In earlier posts describing the Confederate Columbiads, I drew a fine distinction with regard to nomenclature.   Guns like this one at Fort Darling should not be classified as “Confederate Rodmans.” This gun may share some external features with the Rodman Guns, but in most other particulars differ.  The gunmakers did not use the casting techniquesContinue reading “But … Not to say there wasn’t a Confederate Rodman”