Loss of Charleston’s floating battery

The December 21, 1863 edition of the New York Daily Tribune ran a column with news “From the Department of the South.”  The column’s leaders ran, “The Loss of the Weehawken – Explosion-Fire in Fort Sumter – Harbor Obstructions Washing Ashore – Shelling of Charleston – The Steamer Planter Still With Us – Discovery ofContinue reading “Loss of Charleston’s floating battery”

Guns covering the harbor: Charleston’s inner ring of defenses

Earlier posts have focused on the outer harbor defenses on Morris and Sullivan’s Islands and the approach defenses on James Island.  Those were the outer defenses of Charleston, South Carolina and the most actively engaged.  Behind that, the Confederates built defenses, and in some cases reoriented older fortifications, as a backup.  In March 1863 thoseContinue reading “Guns covering the harbor: Charleston’s inner ring of defenses”