Summary Statement: December 31, 1862 – Maine’s Batteries

The next listing in the fourth quarter, 1862 summaries is Maine.  The Pine Tree State provided seven field batteries and one heavy artillery regiment for the Federal armies during the war.  The 18th Maine Infantry became the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery in early January 1863, and remained part of the Washington defenses.  That unit didContinue reading “Summary Statement: December 31, 1862 – Maine’s Batteries”

Thanksgiving Day 1863 outside Charleston

By some measure, the first “official” Thanksgiving occurred in 1863.  In accordance with a proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln, the holiday fell on the last Thursday of November.   This first official national observance took place on November 26.  The date did not pass without notice within the ranks of Federal troops on Morris and FollyContinue reading “Thanksgiving Day 1863 outside Charleston”