150 Years Ago: A few hundred yards difference

Success and failure on the battlefield is measured by a lot of small increments.  Sometimes it is hours… or minutes… or seconds.  Other times the measure is yards … feet … inches.  Such was the case 150 years ago on December 31st at the battle of Stones River. As Confederate troops neared the Nashville PikeContinue reading “150 Years Ago: A few hundred yards difference”

150 years ago: The Guns of December

So December is here.  For us 21st century-folks, our focus might be on gift lists and scheduling of festive events.  Of course just over a figurative hill are wars, in some cases held by cease fires.  We don’t see much in the way of major battles.  But that’s the nature of counter-insurgency, one might argueContinue reading “150 years ago: The Guns of December”

Wrestling with Emancipation: How should we observe it?

How should we observe and recall emancipation?   What does it really mean to us today? I’ve participated in some good discussions within sesquicentennial and preservation circles.  It’s a question that you’d think would be simple to address.  But I submit the answer is elusive and complicated.  Yet the answer is one of the core underpinningsContinue reading “Wrestling with Emancipation: How should we observe it?”