June is a busy month for Sesquicentennialists

This month Civil War sesquicentennialists are approaching two important 150th anniversaries which, I’d argue, not only served as turning points in the Civil War but also for the 150th observances. Two great campaigns concluded in July – Gettysburg and Vicksburg – with both reaching a crescendo during the first days of the month. Likewise, forContinue reading “June is a busy month for Sesquicentennialists”

Roads through Loudoun to Gettysburg: 150th events and Edwards Ferry

For me, June will be a busy month. As mentioned earlier, on June 8, we have the Brandy Station Tour. Later in the month, we have several sesquicentennial events related to the cavalry fighting in Loudoun Valley (June 14-16). And through the last full week of June, we will turn to the passage of theContinue reading “Roads through Loudoun to Gettysburg: 150th events and Edwards Ferry”

Ok… 149 Years Ago: Confusion at Edwards Ferry

I was preparing for the Edwards Ferry tour last night, mostly going over familiar notes and reviewing old posts to make sure things were fresh in the mind.  There’s one aspect of the crossing that just hits me in the pit of the stomach.  It’s odd, but when I read about the indecision with theContinue reading “Ok… 149 Years Ago: Confusion at Edwards Ferry”