Summary Statement: December 31, 1862 – Massachusetts batteries

For the last five sections of the summary statements, we’ve had a western-focus as the order of listing included western states.  So a break from that with the next state – Massachusetts.  However, that is not to say all these batteries introduced today were serving in the east… Massachusetts’s naming convention was to number eachContinue reading “Summary Statement: December 31, 1862 – Massachusetts batteries”

Unfilled and overdue requisitions: Artillery of the Department of the Gulf

When Major General Nathaniel P. Banks took over the Department of the Gulf at the end of 1862, his chief mission mirrored, if not directly competed with, that of General Ulysses S. Grant further upstream on the Mississippi River.   Like Grant’s operations to the north, any progress made by Banks required a significant maneuver elementContinue reading “Unfilled and overdue requisitions: Artillery of the Department of the Gulf”

150 Years Ago: Banks’ Orders call for “military promptness”

A few days ago I made reference to General Nathaniel Banks’ orders to replace General Benjamin Butler.  Realize that relief was a slow motion affair.  Banks would not arrive in New Orleans for several weeks, and only then was Butler officially informed.  And as mentioned earlier, there were two pieces of correspondence that Banks carriedContinue reading “150 Years Ago: Banks’ Orders call for “military promptness””