Fortification Friday: Permanent or Field Fortifications?

Some time back, a reader suggested that I post about the various terms used to describe fortifications.  Sounded like a good idea, so let me kick off this first “Fortification Friday.” For starters what is a fortification in the context of the Civil War.  Well the dean of fortifications, as far as the American experienceContinue reading “Fortification Friday: Permanent or Field Fortifications?”

Sandbagging on Morris Island… 46,175 sandbags to be exact

Yes, perhaps this is a throw away post. But hear me out. Sandbags appear in many of the wartime photos from Morris Island. Opps… yes we’ll get around to all those burst Parrott rifles in due time. But you see all those sandbags? Dennis H. Mahan, the old instructor who wrote the manuals on engineeringContinue reading “Sandbagging on Morris Island… 46,175 sandbags to be exact”

Parallels and boyaux: Trenches on Morris Island

In paragraph 100 of his official report covering the operations on Morris Island, Brigadier-General Quincy Gillmore noted: On July 18, [1863] immediately after our second repulse at Fort Wagner, orders were given to convert the position occupied by our right batteries on the 18th of July, and named Battery Reynolds, into a strong defensive line,Continue reading “Parallels and boyaux: Trenches on Morris Island”