Less successful sibling: The 13-inch Rodman Gun

I’ve detailed the design and production histories of the 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch Rifle, and 15-inch Rodman Guns.  Before I turn to the “big brother” of the set, the 20-inch Rodman, for sake of complete coverage I should mention the 13-inch Rodman smoothbore gun. Thomas J. Rodman’s 1861 patterns included the 13-inch gun with proportions betweenContinue reading “Less successful sibling: The 13-inch Rodman Gun”

6-pdr Gun Cast for “Insurance”

At the center of Clarendon, Virginia is the Arlington County veterans war memorial. I would point out this memorial honors the veterans from the county who served in the world wars, Korea, and Vietnam.  But I bring it up here because of the three cannon incorporated into the memorial.  Or more specifically for this post,Continue reading “6-pdr Gun Cast for “Insurance””

Model 1835 6-pdr Field Gun

Continuing my discussion of the American 6-pdr field gun, I move on to the first of the “bronze age” guns – the Model 1835.  As noted in the previous post, in the first decades of the 19th century, the Army preferred iron field guns due to economy and raw material supply.  But the iron gunsContinue reading “Model 1835 6-pdr Field Gun”