Command and Control going into the West Woods, September 17, 1862

We often mention “command and control” in regard to a general’s performance on the battlefield. What, exactly, did those look like ON the battlefield? Here’s a look at Sedgwick’s attack into the West Woods, looking at his command and control.

Assessing Generalship… and doing it properly!

Couple weeks back I posted a couple of examples and asked “are these guys incompetent?” ┬áThat was somewhat a leading question, given Generals Burnside and Slocum, based on how the men are usually received… maybe rated is a better word… by historians and the general lot of us Civil War aficionados. ┬áThe knot I wasContinue reading “Assessing Generalship… and doing it properly!”

Fortification Friday: Of planes, lines of fire, and regulated dimensions

Starting Chapter II of Field Fortifications, Mahan introduced a few more terms before advancing into what he termed the “plan of simple intrenchemnts.” These terms related to the profile as relating to the base ground level and, looking at the plan (on the horizontal plane), relative lines of fire against the attacker. First those termsContinue reading “Fortification Friday: Of planes, lines of fire, and regulated dimensions”