8-inch Columbiad Walkaround

In January I ran a post about the 8-inch Columbiad Model 1844 but unfortunately could only use photos of a battered example on display at Fort Sumter. While fine for “talking” about the columbiad, the example does not do justice to the original form of the weapon.  I was in need of “walk around” photosContinue reading “8-inch Columbiad Walkaround”

8-inch Columbiad Model 1844

At the first of the year, I mentioned the 8-inch columbiads as among those weapons captured by the South Carolina Militia at both Fort Moultrie and Castle Pinckney.   Fort Sumter, on the opposite end of the crisis, also sported several of the 8-inch columbiads.  An example of that type was uncovered at Fort Sumter inContinue reading “8-inch Columbiad Model 1844”