8-inch Rifled and Banded Columbiad … with a new coat of paint

I’ve discussed this gun’s history in earlier posts: It is is an 8-inch “New Columbiad,” or Model 1857 if you prefer, banded and rifled by the Confederates during the war. And it recently received some TLC to include a new coat of paint as part of the  The Fort Sumter Trust’s  Adopt-A-Cannon effort.  Now theContinue reading “8-inch Rifled and Banded Columbiad … with a new coat of paint”

150 Years Ago: The Guns of Fort Donelson

Happy Valentine’s Day.  But in 1862, Valentine’s Day wasn’t such a pleasant day.  I yesterday mentioned the engagement on the Savannah River between Federal batteries and Confederate gunboats.  The respective seats changed along the Cumberland River where the Federal Mississippi River Squadron rounded the bend (seen below) to engage Confederate batteries at Fort Donelson. ThisContinue reading “150 Years Ago: The Guns of Fort Donelson”

15-inch Rodman Prototype: The Result of All Those Experiments

Having discussed the early casting experiments by Thomas J. Rodman to refine his casting technique and subsequent gunpowder tests, it is time I turned to the prototypes of the Rodman Guns.  Instead of constraining the next tests to just 10-inch weapons, the first prototype of the improved pattern increased to 15-inch.  The result was thisContinue reading “15-inch Rodman Prototype: The Result of All Those Experiments”