Little iron mortars: Confederate Coehorns

As with every weapon category, southern vendors produced some Coehorn mortars to fill Confederate needs. I briefly mentioned one of those in an earlier post about mortar beds. Here’s a close up of a historical photo showing a Confederate Coehorn on a block shaped bed: Today, the Petersburg Visitor Center displays one of those ConfederateContinue reading “Little iron mortars: Confederate Coehorns”

Mounting and moving the little Coehorn Mortar

Earlier I wrote about the origin and design of the Coehorn mortar in American use and promised to look at how the weapons were mounted and transported. Because the Coehorn’s small size it’s a popular subject for those who want to own their own artillery. For a few thousand bucks, you can field your ownContinue reading “Mounting and moving the little Coehorn Mortar”

Little Mortars with a Big Job: The American Coehorn Mortar

Several weeks back I briefly discussed the evolution of the very light Coehorn mortars.  The original concept called for a light mortar for use in the narrow siege line trenches. But the small size of the type allowed gunners to operate with the maneuvering field armies, yet provide the high angle fire against fortifications.  EvenContinue reading “Little Mortars with a Big Job: The American Coehorn Mortar”