Abbot to Hunt: “Every step has been taken to hurry forward…”

In April 1864, Brigadier-General Henry Hunt sent recommendations and instructions to form a siege train supporting the Army of the Potomac’s next campaign.  On the first day of May 1864, Colonel Henry Abbot sent an update on his preparations toward that end: Fort Richardson, VA., May 1, 1864. Brig. Gen. Henry J. Hunt, Chief ofContinue reading “Abbot to Hunt: “Every step has been taken to hurry forward…””

Henry Hunt on “short howitzers for vertical fire”

When discussing artillery’s ballistic properties, the terms “horizontal fire” and “vertical fire” come into play.  As the names imply, these refer to the path of the projectile relative to the earth’s surface.  Due to gravity and other natural forces, horizontal fire is not ruler-straight, but a flat curve.  Vertical fire, likewise, is not straight upContinue reading “Henry Hunt on “short howitzers for vertical fire””

“A small artificial island” – Battery Kearny on Morris Island

One of my goals, blogging about the operations on Morris Island, is to introduce each of the works, Federal and Confederate, at their “sesquicentennial” points of reference. Looking back 150 years ago on the night of July 26-27, 1863, Major Thomas Brooks mentioned in his journals, in addition to other improvements on the second parallel,Continue reading ““A small artificial island” – Battery Kearny on Morris Island”