All That Remains is an Invoice: The 6-pdrs of Bennett and Lurges

I prefer to lead off a post about the cannons with a photo of a surviving gun.  Makes for easy conversation starter.  But in the case of the 6-pdrs produced by Bennett and Lurges there are no survivors, that I know of.  In fact, the only item to discuss is an invoice dated March 21,Continue reading “All That Remains is an Invoice: The 6-pdrs of Bennett and Lurges”

Burst Iron: Failures of Tredegar 3-inch Rifles

Yesterday I closed mentioning this Tredegar 3-inch iron rifled field gun: The worn trunnions do not offer any markings, but the muzzle gives away the faint trace of “1464” and the number “962” appears near the vent.  While difficult to see in the limited light of the side exhibit in the new visitor center, thoseContinue reading “Burst Iron: Failures of Tredegar 3-inch Rifles”

Invoicing those Iron 6-pdrs

Earlier I introduced the 6-pdr iron field guns produced by Tredegar.  The guns allude to either knowledge of the “Ordnance Shape” used on Federal artillery… or perhaps at a minimum similar solutions to the problem with cannon durability.  Of the three guns on the Brawner Farm at Manassas, two have legible foundry numbers.  Those areContinue reading “Invoicing those Iron 6-pdrs”