Mixed Batteries and Mixed Ammunition

Captain Charles Green’s Battery, the Louisiana Guard Artillery, of Lieutenant Colonel Hilary P. Jones’ Battalion went into action on the first day at Gettysburg with four guns.  Two of Green’s guns were captured 3-inch Ordnance Rifles.  The other two were 2.9-inch or 10-pdr Parrotts (of either Confederate or Federal type). Green’s battery first deployed, alongContinue reading “Mixed Batteries and Mixed Ammunition”

Howitzers from Poplar Avenue: 12-pdrs from Quinby & Robinson

Time to discuss some of the products from my favorite Confederate gunmaker.  Even before Tennessee had officially seceded, the firm of Quinby & Robinson began casting cannon at their Memphis foundry located near the corner of Poplar and Front Streets.  Hindered by a fire which destroyed much of the foundry, Quinby & Robinson still managedContinue reading “Howitzers from Poplar Avenue: 12-pdrs from Quinby & Robinson”

Cannons for the Private Market: John Clark

Many surviving Civil War cannons that I encounter have some markings or symbols by which a pedigree is established.  Rarer, but often enough to make such research worthwhile, documentation exists to match the cannon to a production order.  In some cases, particularly with some Tredegar invoices, one might trace an individual cannon from the castingContinue reading “Cannons for the Private Market: John Clark”