Big Rebel Guns: Confederate 10-inch Columbiads

As my current thread is Confederate Columbiads, let me turn to the largest variety cast in the South during the war – the 10-inch Columbiad.  Just as the case with the 8-inch variety, both Tredegar and Bellona cast 10-inch “New Columbiads” for Army contracts before the Civil War.  And also like the smaller columbiad, startingContinue reading “Big Rebel Guns: Confederate 10-inch Columbiads”

Confederate Rodman? 8-inch Columbiad with revised form

Yesterday I left off considering this 8-inch columbiad in St. Augustine, Florida.  It is one of two located in the Plaza de la Constitución. This particular columbiad is a product of Bellona Foundry outside Richmond, Virginia.  Because the exterior form resembles contemporary Federal heavy guns, over the years this type has acquired the nomenclature “ConfederateContinue reading “Confederate Rodman? 8-inch Columbiad with revised form”

Working from the old patterns: Confederate “New Columbiads”

Back in April I posted some on the heavy columbiads used at Fort Sumter in 1861.  Both the 8- and 10-inch variety evolved from seacoast howitzers through the Models of 1844.  Not happy with the endurance of the Model 1844, the Ordnance Department conducted tests on modified versions of the columbiad.  These are given, retroactively,Continue reading “Working from the old patterns: Confederate “New Columbiads””