Another Paperwork Trail: Bellona 8-inch Columbiads

You might recall a couple of 8-inch guns  from St. Augustine from earlier in the Confederate Columbiad thread. The muzzle stamp very clearly identifies this gun as registry number 29. But you may recall that I took exception to the plaque at the base of the gun mount. As I said at the time, withContinue reading “Another Paperwork Trail: Bellona 8-inch Columbiads”

The Paper Trail on a Tredegar Columbiad

Yesterday I used this 10-inch Columbiad along Fort Moultrie’s cannon row in a comparison with co-located 10-inch Rodman guns. As a 10-inch Confederate Columbiad, the gun is worthy of note just because of the rarity of surviving examples.  But even beyond just an example of a rare make and model of artillery, this gun isContinue reading “The Paper Trail on a Tredegar Columbiad”

Comparing the Big Guns: Rodman vs. Confederate Columbiad

Placement of several 10-inch smoothbore guns at Fort Moultrie, South Carolina allow for direct comparison of different types used for seacoast defense during the Civil War era. For the last few cannon posts, I’ve focused on the Confederate Columbiads.   The example at Fort Moultrie is one of these “cast to a revised pattern” from TredegarContinue reading “Comparing the Big Guns: Rodman vs. Confederate Columbiad”