Big guns for Beauregard: Blakely 12.75-inch Rifles

Busy of late, I neglected an interesting sesquicentennial. The journal kept at Headquarters, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida offered this section among several paragraphs recording activity on September 11, 1863: The large Blakely gun just mounted at Battery Ramsay was fired to-day at 1 p.m., with a charge of 40 pounds weight ofContinue reading “Big guns for Beauregard: Blakely 12.75-inch Rifles”

A most historic photograph: Cook and the ironclads on September 8

This is a historic photo.  Hands down, historic.  This photo shows a naval attack underway on a specific date.  In the annals of combat photography, this was a first. The Library of Congress record on this photo carries the caption, “View from parapet of Fort Sumter, Sept. 8, 1863, showing Federal ironclads Weehawken, Montauk, andContinue reading “A most historic photograph: Cook and the ironclads on September 8”