“Ideas of advance from North Edisto”: Confederates strengthen Saint Andrew’s Parish

Back in the spring, while going “round the horn” examining the Charleston defenses, I held off discussing the defenses to the west of Charleston in Saint Andrew’s Parish.  Two very important transportation links to Savannah passed through the Parish – The Charleston & Savannah Railroad and the Charleston-Savannah Turnpike.  To the south of the mainlandContinue reading ““Ideas of advance from North Edisto”: Confederates strengthen Saint Andrew’s Parish”

Dahlgren’s evaluated courses of action

In my military time, the service schools taught the Military Decision Making Process as a standard for developing mission orders.  While overblown and cumbersome for the lower levels of command, at higher echelons, where full staffs were required to formulate plans, the process did come in handy.  A good operations officer would lead the staffContinue reading “Dahlgren’s evaluated courses of action”

Winding down Morris Island

I’ve been on this Morris Island run since the days after Gettysburg in July. Two and a half months of mostly Morris Island stuff. Not that I complain. I find it fun to write about a lively, interesting (to me at least) topic. But I’ve got to begin “ground work” for the next round ofContinue reading “Winding down Morris Island”