The Military Districts of South Carolina

Call this a resource post – the boring administrative details behind the other stories and threads.  For the Federals operating in the Department of the South, organization is relatively straight forward.  Both the Army and the Navy forces operated, generally speaking, across the same set of boundaries.  A close relation exists for the main elementsContinue reading “The Military Districts of South Carolina”

The decline of Charleston as a blockade runner port of entry

Among the justifications for operations against Charleston was the use of the port by blockade runners.  If Charleston to fall into Federal hands, of course this would close the port to such trade.  But several situations well short of the city’s capture could curtail, if not stop, blockade running at the port.  And that isContinue reading “The decline of Charleston as a blockade runner port of entry”

150 years ago: Jefferson Davis visits Charleston

At around 1 p.m. this afternoon 150 years ago (November 2, 1863), President Jefferson Davis arrived by train at the Saint Andrews Parish depot across the Ashley River from Charleston.  Davis had visited with the Army of Tennessee in October and was returning to Richmond by way of Savannah, Charleston, and,  Wilmington.  According to newspaperContinue reading “150 years ago: Jefferson Davis visits Charleston”