Mapping the Charleston Battlefield

From the University of South Carolina’s website: Mapping Charleston’s Civil War Naval Battlefield What remains of a five-year siege for control of Charleston Harbor during the Civil War now lay in watery graves amid the harbor’s channels and under the beaches of bordering sea islands. Thanks to a team of archaeologists at the University ofContinue reading “Mapping the Charleston Battlefield”

Just a dash out of the harbor, but a push towards emancipation: Robert Smalls

One-hundred and fifty years ago today, as the sun rose over Charleston Harbor, the transport CSS Planter started out on what seemed like an ordinary run carrying supplies, cannons, and other equipment to the outer harbor batteries.  But the trip was anything but ordinary. Robert Smalls, a slave but an experienced pilot, along with sevenContinue reading “Just a dash out of the harbor, but a push towards emancipation: Robert Smalls”

Confederate Batteries Facing Fort Sumter

Yesterday, I posted an image depicting the arrangement of the guns at Fort Sumter. Let me turn now to the Confederate batteries. The Confederate batteries around Charleston Harbor held the advantage of both dispersal and angle of attack. But the coastal geography limited the firm ground from which to mount the batteries. The Confederate batteries against Fort Sumter had three main clusters – Sullivan’s Island (Fort Moultrie), Morris Island, and James Island.