Canister and our silly notions about canister

It is my perception is that the average student of the Civil War latches on to some misconceptions about canister as used from field artillery.  And from that misconception, the student (buff, enthusiast, or even credentialed historian as it may be) carries forward to some misunderstandings as to how artillery was used on the CivilContinue reading “Canister and our silly notions about canister”

Hotchkiss Projectiles, Part 2 – Canister

Last week I opened a thread about the Hotchkiss-patent projectiles. As my approach is to connect the rifle projectile classifications to the columns in the summaries, I’m going to work, in a sort-of and kind-of way, from left to right: Again.. sort of left to right.  The first two columns are not used very often.Continue reading “Hotchkiss Projectiles, Part 2 – Canister”

From the Artilleryman: Live fire, field test of canister… surprises or affirmation?

Earlier in the spring, while tied up trying to provide day-by-day summaries of several campaigns at once, I flagged an interesting article in The Artilleryman Magazine for note.  So let me circle back to that article as I circle back to my “missed opportunity blog posts” list. And, just a short endorsement – if youContinue reading “From the Artilleryman: Live fire, field test of canister… surprises or affirmation?”