Sunbright, site of the Third Corps Ball, Winter of 1864

Historian and friend Clark B. Hall passed along this comment regarding the Third Corps Ball, mentioned in today’s post: Craig, The 3rd Corps Ball referred to took place in the big, beautiful home of Dr. Daniel Kennedy, “Sunbright.” This home sat on a prominent knoll near the Orange & Alexandria Railroad tracks about two milesContinue reading “Sunbright, site of the Third Corps Ball, Winter of 1864”

A time for action! Preserve Fleetwood Hill!

Clark “Bud” Hall describes the hill you see in the panoramic view above as “…without question the most fought over, camped upon and marched over real estate in the entire United States.” In the article I’ve pulled that quote from, posted to Eric Wittenburg’s blog, Hall detailed the fighting, campaigning, and soldiering that took placeContinue reading “A time for action! Preserve Fleetwood Hill!”