150 years ago: Arms buildup for Vicksburg

The string of tactical defeats and strategic withdrawals for the Confederates in the Western Theater through 1862 not only conceded territory to the Federals but also translated to lost war material.  At the Iron Buffs of Columbus, Island No.10, Fort Pillow, and Memphis, the Confederates shed much needed heavy ordnance and material.  Likewise, the rebelsContinue reading “150 years ago: Arms buildup for Vicksburg”

Another Paperwork Trail: Bellona 8-inch Columbiads

You might recall a couple of 8-inch guns  from St. Augustine from earlier in the Confederate Columbiad thread. The muzzle stamp very clearly identifies this gun as registry number 29. But you may recall that I took exception to the plaque at the base of the gun mount. As I said at the time, withContinue reading “Another Paperwork Trail: Bellona 8-inch Columbiads”

Big Rebel Guns: Confederate 10-inch Columbiads

As my current thread is Confederate Columbiads, let me turn to the largest variety cast in the South during the war – the 10-inch Columbiad.  Just as the case with the 8-inch variety, both Tredegar and Bellona cast 10-inch “New Columbiads” for Army contracts before the Civil War.  And also like the smaller columbiad, startingContinue reading “Big Rebel Guns: Confederate 10-inch Columbiads”