Continuing the Overland 150 at Spotsylvania

I’d intended to post a few more articles timed to the events 150 years ago at Spotsylvania.  But pressing family issues have me away from the field and pull my thoughts elsewhere.  So for the Assault on the Mule Shoe Salient’s 150, I find myself as many do – watching from afar. The Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania NMPContinue reading “Continuing the Overland 150 at Spotsylvania”

Guns of Spotsylvania

Yes… this is a very short post!  Not many guns at all on the field at Spotsylvania: There’s the 12-pdr Napoleon featured in an earlier post, a 6-pdr smoothbore trimmed up to “false Napoleon” standard, and a pair of Parrotts – one genuine West Point make and one Tredegar copy. I’m off to the battlefieldContinue reading “Guns of Spotsylvania”

On to the Wilderness! 150th Events starting the Overland Campaign

Though it amounts to re-posting something I posted earlier in the winter, I do want to bring mention the events kicking off this weekend at the Wilderness and continuing through the month of May at Spotsylvania.  Since that earlier post, the National Park Service has added more details to the listings.  The full list ofContinue reading “On to the Wilderness! 150th Events starting the Overland Campaign”