New Battle Apps for the 150ths – Overland and Atlanta Campaigns!

With the start of the 1864 sesquicentennial season, the Civil War Trust has released two new additions to their very successful Battle Apps series – Overland Campaign and Atlanta Campaign. I was able to use the former during some of the sesquicentennial events for the Wilderness and Spotsylvania earlier this month. For those familiar withContinue reading “New Battle Apps for the 150ths – Overland and Atlanta Campaigns!”

Fresh Interpretations: Manassas Marker Updates

August has been “Second Manassas” month for me.  I’ve tallied all my hikes and find I’ve walked, over the span of five visits, the distance of a day’s march for Jackson’s “Foot Cavalry.”  But Manassas is a “local” battlefield for me, just over a half-hour drive from my front porch.  So I am rather familiarContinue reading “Fresh Interpretations: Manassas Marker Updates”