Guns pointed at Sherman: Confederate artillery dispositions in South Carolina, January 1865

In total, 322 fixed and 108 field artillery pieces opposed the Federals as the embarked on the march into South Carolina. In Sherman’s two wings, the Federals brought only 68 field guns. Yet, much like they say about real estate, when it comes to artillery on the battlefield it is all about “location, location, location.” With less infantry and cavalry to oppose the Federals, the Confederates could not bring their numerical advantage in artillery to bear.

“The position itself is a strong one…”: A call to improve the defenses of Georgetown, SC

By the winter of 1864, Georgetown was the only seaport of significance on the South Carolina coast that didn’t have Federal land batteries directly impeding blockade-runner access.  Winyah Bay offered refuge for blockade-runners, even if Georgetown had no direct rail links to the interior.  And upstream from Georgetown was a Confederate Navy Yard at MarsContinue reading ““The position itself is a strong one…”: A call to improve the defenses of Georgetown, SC”

Big Rebel Guns: Confederate 10-inch Columbiads

As my current thread is Confederate Columbiads, let me turn to the largest variety cast in the South during the war – the 10-inch Columbiad.  Just as the case with the 8-inch variety, both Tredegar and Bellona cast 10-inch “New Columbiads” for Army contracts before the Civil War.  And also like the smaller columbiad, startingContinue reading “Big Rebel Guns: Confederate 10-inch Columbiads”