A couple more 6.4-inch Parrotts: Battery Stevens

Continuing the discussion of the “Left Breaching Batteries” on Morris Island during the summer of 1863, we turn to the left of Battery Reno: For practical purposes, Battery Stevens was simply two more guns in the same line.  The battery contained two 6.4-inch (100-pdr) Parrott Rifles.  The profile and facilities matched those of Battery Reno. Continue reading “A couple more 6.4-inch Parrotts: Battery Stevens”

6.4-inch and 8-inch Parrotts against Fort Sumter from Battery Reno

Moving forward with the examination of the “Left Batteries” on Morris Island, the guns to the left of Battery Hays were in a series of named works. These were Batteries Reno, Stevens, and Strong, seen here in a closer crop from the map above: Lieutenant Peter Michie directed the construction of these works, starting afterContinue reading “6.4-inch and 8-inch Parrotts against Fort Sumter from Battery Reno”