Guns pointed at Sherman: Confederate artillery dispositions in South Carolina, January 1865

In total, 322 fixed and 108 field artillery pieces opposed the Federals as the embarked on the march into South Carolina. In Sherman’s two wings, the Federals brought only 68 field guns. Yet, much like they say about real estate, when it comes to artillery on the battlefield it is all about “location, location, location.” With less infantry and cavalry to oppose the Federals, the Confederates could not bring their numerical advantage in artillery to bear.

150 Years Ago: An inspection of the batteries on Sullivan’s Island

One aspect of the operations of Charleston that I like to present is the evolution of fortifications around the harbor (Federal and Confederate).  In my opinion, one should study such to appreciate the tactical aspects. Many authors will write on the subject as if a “battery” or “fort” was static and unchanged through the war,Continue reading “150 Years Ago: An inspection of the batteries on Sullivan’s Island”

Confederate Defenses on Sullivan’s Island in November 1863

The map, the defenses on Sullivan’s Island changed significantly between March and November 1863.  The previous spring, three important named works faced the entrance to the harbor, with two named works as “fillers” between the positions.  These named batteries and forts received heavier weapons through the summer months.  In addition, earthworks connected the batteries toContinue reading “Confederate Defenses on Sullivan’s Island in November 1863”