Summary Statement, 3rd Quarter, 1863 – Indiana’s batteries, Part 3

Looking to the bottom of the Indiana section for the third quarter, 1863, we find five entries set aside from the independent batteries: Looking closer, those are two entry lines for the 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery and three sections from other arms: As we have not detailed the “heavies” often enough within the summaries, letContinue reading “Summary Statement, 3rd Quarter, 1863 – Indiana’s batteries, Part 3”

Summary Statement, 2nd Quarter, 1863 – Indiana, miscellaneous lines

Before we can leave the Indiana batteries, here for the 2nd quarter, 1863, there is the matter of six lines below the numbered independent batteries: One of these, Wilder’s Battery on line 28, is familiar from the previous quarter.  Furthermore, that battery would receive a number designation, the 26th, later in the war.  But the othersContinue reading “Summary Statement, 2nd Quarter, 1863 – Indiana, miscellaneous lines”

Summary Statement, 1st Quarter, 1863 – Vermont Batteries

For the fourth quarter of 1862, the batteries of Vermont got no love from the clerks at the Ordnance Department.  For the first of 1863, at least the batteries received mention: A small state, Vermont provided only two light batteries up to this point of the war (a third would be mustered in January 1864).Continue reading “Summary Statement, 1st Quarter, 1863 – Vermont Batteries”