All those captured guns from Missionary Ridge

Let me pull up one of the famous wartime artillery photographs taken at Chattanooga which features artillery. I count eighteen tubes in this view. All 12-pdr Napoleons. Some with the straight muzzle of Confederate manufacture. Others with a muzzle swell, which could be captured Federal (but not in this case) or those of early Confederate manufacture.

Ordnance Observations from the field at Charleston

On September 24, 1863, Major John Barnwell of the Confederate Ordnance Department conducted a routine inspection of batteries on James Island.  The next day he filed his inspection report.  The first half of that report was routine and related details of which guns were in what battery, the state of the guns, and the illsContinue reading “Ordnance Observations from the field at Charleston”

Napoleons from Augusta: 12-pdrs from Augusta Foundry

If you wish to study Confederate Napoleons, then the place to go is Gettysburg. The park has over 75 examples from five manufacturers. Thirty-three of those are from the Augusta Foundry of Augusta, Georgia. The Augusta Foundry was one of several “government” foundries established during the war to furnish ordnance to the Confederates. Allow meContinue reading “Napoleons from Augusta: 12-pdrs from Augusta Foundry”