The Artilleryman Magazine – Fall 2016 Issue

The fall issue of The Artilleryman Magazine arrived last Friday.  If you are not a subscriber already, I highly recommend this periodical.  Especially in the new, reworked format. Articles in this issue include: Schenkl Combination Fuse, by John D. Bartleson,Jr., CW04 (Ret.), USN – Detailed technical examination, backed up with lavish illustrations, on this typeContinue reading “The Artilleryman Magazine – Fall 2016 Issue”

From the Artilleryman: Live fire, field test of canister… surprises or affirmation?

Earlier in the spring, while tied up trying to provide day-by-day summaries of several campaigns at once, I flagged an interesting article in The Artilleryman Magazine for note.  So let me circle back to that article as I circle back to my “missed opportunity blog posts” list. And, just a short endorsement – if youContinue reading “From the Artilleryman: Live fire, field test of canister… surprises or affirmation?”

The Artilleryman Magazine Fall 2013 Issue

The Fall 2013 edition of the Artilleryman is out this month. Featured articles with Civil War interest include: Analysis by Steven W. Knott of two photos showing Wiard Rifles on Morris Island.  In the Summer issue, he provided an excellent history of the Wiard rifles.  Knott is filling in some much needed detail to theContinue reading “The Artilleryman Magazine Fall 2013 Issue”