Bore Wear: 12-pdr Napoleons

One aspect I enjoy about studying Civil War artillery is the real, tangible link the guns provide to the events.  We often speak of “witness trees” and compare the battlefield with “now and then” photographs.  But the cannon are subjects which tie in battle, the ground, and the men who fought. Now rarely are battlefieldContinue reading “Bore Wear: 12-pdr Napoleons”

Short and Stubby – Old American 24-pdr Howitzers

Some time back I traced the origins of the 24-pdr field howitzer, which saw limited field service during the Civil War.   The type evolved from short, stumpy weapons used during the Revolution to, by 1841, heavy cannons requiring eight-horse teams to maneuver.  However, the role of these howitzers remained essentially unchanged – to place explosiveContinue reading “Short and Stubby – Old American 24-pdr Howitzers”

Blogroll Updates, Admin Notes, and Upcoming Posts

A few admin notes as we roll onward with this sesquicentennial march. First off, a couple of updates to the blog roll.  I’ve listed Civil War Daily Gazette on the right side for some time, but wanted to give Eric special mention.  If you want a daily summary of events looking back 150 years, lookContinue reading “Blogroll Updates, Admin Notes, and Upcoming Posts”