Thanksgiving Day 1863 outside Charleston

By some measure, the first “official” Thanksgiving occurred in 1863.  In accordance with a proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln, the holiday fell on the last Thursday of November.   This first official national observance took place on November 26.  The date did not pass without notice within the ranks of Federal troops on Morris and FollyContinue reading “Thanksgiving Day 1863 outside Charleston”

150 years ago: More boats against Fort Sumter

At 2 a.m. on the morning of November 20, 1863, Federal gunners on Morris Island sent two shells into the night, aimed at Charleston.  Those shots were in addition to the 97 fired at Fort Sumter, as part of the now routine night’s activity.  The moon sat shortly after the shots into Charleston.  The weatherContinue reading “150 years ago: More boats against Fort Sumter”

Battery Reynolds and Mortars on Morris Island

When the sesquicentennial moment was proper for the discussion of Battery Reynolds, I lacked the right photo.  Well since it is Fortification Friday, I’ll throw this one in. (I’ll post a proper Fortification Friday later, gotta get the graphics right!) As first built, Battery Reynolds contained mix of field and siege guns, facing Battery WagnerContinue reading “Battery Reynolds and Mortars on Morris Island”