Iron Substitutes: Tredegar 6-pdr Iron Field Guns

To me, one of the most interesting aspects of Civil War artillery is the different approaches taken to essentially the same requirement – launching a projectile.  Due to operational requirements and contingencies different designers and manufacturers  chose alternate forms, constructions, and styles.  No where is that more apparent than with the Confederate field guns, particularlyContinue reading “Iron Substitutes: Tredegar 6-pdr Iron Field Guns”

The Creole Field Gun: Leeds and Company 6-pdrs

Since my last cannon post discussed a 6-pdr (modified to resemble a 12-pdr Napoleon) on the south end of McGilvery’s line at Gettysburg, the next logical post is an examination of that gun’s battery mate. The Revere gun is on the left side of the monument.  To the right side is a gun cast onContinue reading “The Creole Field Gun: Leeds and Company 6-pdrs”

Fine Craftsmanship Butchered: Revere Copper 6-pdr Field Gun

Some time back I detailed the 12-pdr “Napoleon guns” produced by Revere Copper during the war.  While those 12-pdrs at Malvern Hill look dirty from exposure, the guns themselves are good examples of the work done by a firm with a long history of metalworking.  In addition to those 443 Napoleon guns, Revere also producedContinue reading “Fine Craftsmanship Butchered: Revere Copper 6-pdr Field Gun”