Sunbury’s Confederate Iron Guns

When showcasing the Confederate iron 6-pdr field guns from Tredegar I featured the guns at the Brawner Farm on the Second Manassas battlefield.  Another place to view a set of these iron smoothbores is Sunbury, Pennsylvania at the foot of the Northumberland County Civil War memorial. Because the iron fence prevents “walk around” I’ll stillContinue reading “Sunbury’s Confederate Iron Guns”

Variations on Two Themes: Tredegar’s 3-inch Iron Field Guns

Months ago I mentioned the connections between 6-pdr smoothbore field gun development and the early rifled field guns on the Federal side.  Similar connections appear on the Confederate side, particularly with the guns from Tredegar Foundry.  Just as the bronze 6-pdr smoothbore served as a baseline pattern for a 3-inch bronze rifle, the iron 6-pdrContinue reading “Variations on Two Themes: Tredegar’s 3-inch Iron Field Guns”

Invoicing those Iron 6-pdrs

Earlier I introduced the 6-pdr iron field guns produced by Tredegar.  The guns allude to either knowledge of the “Ordnance Shape” used on Federal artillery… or perhaps at a minimum similar solutions to the problem with cannon durability.  Of the three guns on the Brawner Farm at Manassas, two have legible foundry numbers.  Those areContinue reading “Invoicing those Iron 6-pdrs”