Summary Statement, 4th Quarter, 1863 – New Jersey

Next we turn to the batteries from the Garden State. Five entries representing the artillerymen from New Jersey: As the state’s batteries were at times referenced by number, yet at others by letter, I’ll provide both here: 1st Battery / Battery A: At Brandy Station, Virginia with six 10-pdr Parrotts. Captain William Hexamer remained inContinue reading “Summary Statement, 4th Quarter, 1863 – New Jersey”

Summary Statement, 3rd Quarter, 1863 – New Jersey Batteries

The clerks at the Ordnance Department during the Civil War often violated strict alphabetical order for the sake of better organization within ledger entries.  Such is the case with New Jersey’s summary statement entries for the third quarter of 1863.  The state’s lines appear AFTER New York’s and BEFORE New Hampshire’s.   While troublesome for thoseContinue reading “Summary Statement, 3rd Quarter, 1863 – New Jersey Batteries”