Summary Statement, 4th Quarter, 1863 – Minnesota

In the previous quarter, we saw Minnesota represented by three light artillery batteries. For the fourth quarter, we see the same three batteries… but four lines: Yes, the 3rd Minnesota Battery reported by section. So let’s break those lines down: 1st Battery: Reporting at Gaylesville, Alabama, as of November 1864, with with two 12-pdr fieldContinue reading “Summary Statement, 4th Quarter, 1863 – Minnesota”

Summary Statement, 3rd Quarter, 1863 – Three Minnesota Batteries

From “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” came three light batteries (along with a regiment of heavy artillery that would muster in the last year of the war).  Those three regiments saw service west of the Appalachians… that is until November 1864 when the 1st Battery traveled through Georgia and the Carolinas as part of “UncleContinue reading “Summary Statement, 3rd Quarter, 1863 – Three Minnesota Batteries”

Summary Statement, 2nd Quarter, 1863 – Batteries from Minnesota

Minnesota provided three light batteries to the Federal cause.  All three of those were on active service at the end of the second quarter, 1863: All three offered returns for the quarter, though posted in Washington with some delays: 1st Battery: Received in September 1863, with location of Vicksburg, Mississippi.  This is probably correct, asContinue reading “Summary Statement, 2nd Quarter, 1863 – Batteries from Minnesota”