To Bennett Place and War’s End

The Last Offensive

Sesquicentennial posts covering Sherman’s last offensive marches out of Goldsboro, the complementary raid by Stoneman through North Carolina and Virginia, and the end of the war in North Carolina.

April 4 – with the fall of Richmond, Confederate command splinters.

April 10 – It’s J.E. Johnston’s Confederacy.

April 11 – Sherman advances on Smithfield.

April 12 – Federals occupy Smithfield: “A little more labor, a little more toil on our part, the great race is won”

April 13 – Federals enter Raleigh.

April 15: News of Lincoln’s death puts a hold on Sheridan’s plans to operate against Johnston.  Unknowing of Lincoln’s death, Sherman promises a smooth transition to peace and the war’s end.

April 17- Where is Jefferson Davis?

April 19 – Davis in Charlotte, North Carolina.

April 24 – Mallory says the Confederacy is conquered.

April 26 – Orders to cease all hostilities issued as Johnston agrees to the revised terms of surrender.

Confederate collapse and the mirage of guerrilla warfare.

Stoneman’s Raid

March 21-29 – Introduction and initial movements of the raiders.

March 30-April 2 – Flooded Yadkin River delays Stoneman.

April 3-6 – Stoneman breaks the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad.

April 7-10 – Stoneman completes the ride through Virginia.

April 11-13 – Stoneman descends upon the North Piedmont Railroad.

The Last Leg of the Great March – from North Carolina to Washington

April 27 – Facilitating the surrender and preparing for the march northHoward issues orders to keep the Army of the Tennessee’s reputation “unsullied.”

April 28 – Samuel Cooper, Henry Halleck, and Morris Runyan work to save the Confederate War Records.

May 1-5 – Leaving North Carolina and entering Virginia.

May 6 – Sherman and Chase and suffrage for the freedmen.

May 8 – Sherman avoids Halleck as he passes through Richmond.

May 10-13 – The Bummers march through Richmond.

May 14-17 – Passing through the old battlefields in Central Virginia.

May 15 – General Orders No. 46: Schofield’s orders for governing of freedmen.

May 19 – Sherman’s men arrive at the outskirts of Washington.

May 23 – The Army of the Potomac on parade at the Grand Review.

May 24 – Sherman’s “Western Armies” parade in the Grand Review, a formal ending to the Great March.