Columbia to Fayetteville

Sesquicentennial timed posts covering Federal operations from Columbia, South Carolina to Fayetteville, North Carolina – February 20 to March 12, 1865:

February 20:  Sherman marches out of Columbia, Howard issues rebuke to his troops.

February 21: Winnsborough receives fair treatment from the 20th Corps.

February 22: Sherman reaches the Catawba-Wateree River, Threats issued for prisoner murders.

February 23: Crossing the Catawba-Wateree River; J.E. Johnston given command of forces opposing Sherman.

February 24: Rains prevent the completion of the Catawba-Wateree crossing; Sherman and Hampton discuss prisoner murders and forager behavior.

February 25: Fourteenth Corps stuck at Rocky Mount Ferry.

February 26: Rains continue, Federals have difficulty crossing even small streamsLawlessness breaks out in the wake of Sherman’s passing.

February 27: Floods continue to delay the Federal march; Hampton escalates the prisoner issue.

February 28: Bridging and corduroying, and the abating flood waters allow some advance… while Kilpatrick and Wheeler exchange prisoners.

March 1: Pushing out of the flooded sand hills.

March 2: Crossing Lynches River and Black Creek; Execution of James Miller.

March 3: Capture of Cheraw.

March 4: Bridging the PeeDee River and an expedition to Florence.

March 5: Accident in Cheraw brings a rain of shells, and the Florence raid continues.

March 6: Complete crossing of the PeeDee and towards the state line.

March 7: Federals reach Rockingham, North Carolina; Howard issues orders restraining foragers.

March 8: Sherman’s column leaves South Carolina behindAnd far ahead of the march, the battle of Wyse Fork.

March 9: Rains return to delay the Federal approach to Fayetteville.

March 10: Working out of the mud on corduroy roads, and the battle of Monroe’s Crossroads.

March 11: Federals drive into Fayetteville.

March 12: A partial day of rest in Fayetteville.

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