Bentonville to Goldsboro

Sesquicentennial timed posts covering the operations in March 13-21, 1865. These posts look at the advance from Fayetteville and the battles of Averasboro and Bentonville.

March 13 – Sherman begins movement over Cape Fear River.

March 14 – Preparations for the movement on Goldsboro.  Sherman predicts the Confederates will oppose him at some point.

March 15 – As the last troops leave Fayetteville, lead Federal troops spar with Confederate pickets.

March 16 – Averasboro and lost time for Sherman’s March.

 March 17 – Federals advance cautiously with aim to reach the Neuse River.

March 18 – Prelude to a storm.

March 19 – A Battle Begins: First Day at BentonvilleThe Right Wing turns to Bentonville.

March 20 – “I cannot see why he remains” – Second day at Bentonville

March 21 – Mower comes 200 yards short of Johnston’s headquarters – Third Day at Bentonville.

March 22 – Johnston withdraws and Sherman begins refitting his army.

 After the battle of Bentonville, Sherman moved the Armies of the Tennessee and Georgia to Goldsboro where they linked up with other Federal columns.  These were the Twenty-third Corps and what would become the reconstituted Tenth corps, under Major-General John Schofield as the Center Wing commander.  The following posts cover the period of resupply and reorganization of Sherman’s command in the period after Bentonville, while the Confederates desperately worked to stop him:

March 23 – Johnston “I can do no more than annoy” Sherman.

March 24 – Commanders reflect on their march from Savannah to Goldsboro.

March 31 – Execution of Private James Preble, 12th New York Cavalry, for the crime of rape


Lee’s Confederacy” where the fate of the rebellion would be decided.

General Lee and desertions in the Confederate Army