Price’s 1864 Raid

A list of posts related to Major-General Sterling Price’s 1864 Missouri Campaign.

September 19: Price enters Missouri

September 27: Pilot Knob

September 29: General M. Jeff Thompson returns to Missouri

October 2: Price approaches St. Louis

October 7: Price threatens Jefferson City

October 7: Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok cross paths

October 8: The civilian experience during Price’s campaign

October 10: Booneville and death of Horace Shumaker 

October 11: Fourth Battle of Booneville

October 12: “The Governor of the State cannot even purchase a horse or a blanket

October 12: Full war and an election in Missouri

October 15: Sedalia and Glasgow, the Dichotomy of the war in Missouri on display

October 15: The loss of Colonel David Shanks

October 18: Logistic issues dog Price’s march

October 19: Battle of Lexington

October 21: Delaying Price outside Independence

October 22: Battle along the Big Blue River and Pleasonton’s best day of the war

October 23: Westport

October 25: Mine Creek and Charlot battles all but ruin Price’s army

October 28: Second Battle of Newtonia

October 31: Grant orders “Price be pursued to the Arkansas River

November 1: Murder of Federal officers in Greenton, Missouri

November 3: Fayetteville, Arkansas

November 8: Curtis ends pursuit at Arkansas River

December 3: Price’s march comes to an end





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