Field Fortifications

Collection of “Fortification Friday” posts:

Permanent or Field Fortifications?

What is a profile?

Consideration of Parapets

Slopes in the profile

Components of the Ditch

The Glacis

Practical Application – Star Fort of Winchester, Virginia

The Trace of the Works explained

Faces, Flanks, and Curtains of a fortification

Lines of Defense, Dead Space, and Sectors without Fire

Relation between Attack and Defense Applied to the Fortification

Mahan’s Nine Principles of Field Fortifications

How Planes and Lines of Fire Regulated the Size of the Fortification

Simple Entrenchments, Part 1 – Open Works including Right Line, Redan, Lunette, Indented Line, and Priest Cap

Simple Entrenchments, Part 2 – Enclosed Works – the Redoubt

Simple Entrenchments, Part 3 – Star Forts

Simple Entrenchments, Part 4 – Bastion Forts

How to build a bastion fort

Resolving the Inherent Defects of the Bastion Fort

Dimensions of the Exterior Side Affected by Relief

Guard Every Point of the Parapet – Wisdom in Regard to Defense

The Play of Relief (elevations) on Entrenchments

Planning the Defilement of Works – Mitigating dangerous relief

Marking Plains of Direct Defilement 

Dealing with Plains of Reverse Defilement … using traverses!

Planning relief in enclosed fortifications, and some other notes.