Navy Sesquicentennial

A few of my posts about naval topics on the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial blog:

Those Old Ships of the Line.  A short look at the old sailing ships-of-the-line on the Navy’s register at the start of the Civil War.

USS Tyler and the Timberclads.  The Tyler and two sister gunboats proved well worth their price in the ravine warfare on the Mississippi and tributaries.  On a similar, but more “coastal” theme, Seaman Rob posted about some of the converted steamers used on blockade duties in the brackish waters.

The USS Brooklyn and Fort Sumter.  A look at the events sending a US sloop of war into the secession crisis in January 1861.  I made a follow up post on this side with more of the “tactical” details.

Birth of the brown water navy – the Mississippi River Flotilla.

– Navy Mortars:  Looking at the river mortar boats and the mortar schooners used in the spring of 1862.

– A look at the battle of Plum Point Bend.

– Ambush of the USS Isaac Smith in the Stono River.

Ironclad attack on Fort Sumter, April 7, 1863.

– The grounding of the USS Weehawken and battle at Charleston on September 8, 1863

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