Bring the HEAT!

On Bring the HEAT, Bring the Stupid, XBradTC provides me a place to discuss more “modern” military history.  Here’s some of those posts, arranged by topic (NOTE: XBrad recently updated his service host, so many of these cross-posts were lost when his site could not migrate.  I’ll try to bring in those links via the “way back machine” as time permits):

Armored Fighting Vehicles and other Ground weapons:

Artillery!  Starting with the First World War.

Past, Present and Future of Army Tactical Radios.

  • The first – introduction to the Army tactical radios.
  • Part two covers World War II radios.
  • Part three covers post-Korean War and early Cold War.
  • Part four looks at the transition to solid-state radios before the Vietnam War.
  • Part five discusses the AN/PRC-25 backpack radio in detail.
  • Part six looks at tactical communications in Vietnam.
  • Part seven discusses the pressures and requirements on communications systems after Vietnam.
  • Part eight introduces the SINCGARS digital radios of the 1990s with a look at the first two generations of that system.
  • Part nine concludes the discussion of SINCGARS with emphasis on the data networks the later generations of that system would support.
  • Part ten is my observations of 70 years of tactical radio evolution and some thoughts about the future.
  • A follow up discussed the AN/PRC-150 and 152 radios in the GWOT.
  • A look at tactical communications support in a regional command of Afghanistan.


Naval topics:

Other Military History:

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