Potter’s Raid

Sesquicentennial timed posts following Potter’s Raid through South Carolina at the end of the Civil War.  This raid included the last major actions in South Carolina during the Civil War.

April 1-4 – The raid is organized.

April 5 – March begins out of Georgetown.

April 6-7 – Potter threatens Kingstree while Hartwell’s column departs Charleston.

April 8 – Delays crossing Pocotaligo River.

April 9 – The battle of Dingle’s Mill.

April 9-13 – Hartwell’s column clears the Santee but misses Potter’s and Chipman’s columns.  Chipman continues to link up with Potter.

April 10-14 – Potter destroys railroad stock between Manchester and Sumter.

April 15-16 – Potter by-passes Confederate defenses at Stateburg.

April 17 – Potter enters Camden.

April 18 – The battle of Boykin’s Mill is the last action for the 54th Massachusetts.

April 19 – Dinkins’ Mill and Beech Creek – the last “named” fighting in South Carolina.

April 20 – Destruction of trains at Middleton.

April 21 – News of Johnston’s truce with Sherman arrives in South Carolina.  Last shots of the war for many are fired as a salute.

April 25 – Potter returns to Georgetown, thus ending the raid and active military campaigning in South Carolina.