Building Charleston’s Defenses

Posts covering the buildup of Charleston’s defenses from mid-1862 through April 1863

32-pdrs sent to Charleston for conversion

10-inch Columbiads sent to Charleston in September 1862

Eason & Brothers rifled and banded 42-pdrs to fill Charleston’s needs

The Childs-Ripley incident over ordnance

Rifled guns defending Charleston in January 1863

Old English guns rifled and banded to defend Charleston, which appear in wartime photographs.

Capture of the USS Isaac Smith on the Stono River, January 30, 1863

USS Mercedita against the Confederate Ironclads on January 31, 1863

Beauregard’s strategy to defend Charleston (put forward on February 8, 1863)

Beauregard makes preparations at Charleston (February 17, 1863)

Building the torpedo rams at Charleston – competition with other shipbuilding projects, successful tests of the spar torpedo, and development of the “David” rams.

Details about the Confederate defenses of Charleston in March-April 1863:

Beaureagard’s Board assembled in mid-March to address issues of Charleston’s defense:

Was one of Beauregard’s Columbiads found on the ocean bottom?

Brooke Rifles arrive for Fort Sumter in late March

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