Civil War Exhibits: Virginia War Museum

Earlier this summer, while visiting Virginia’s tidewater, I made a stop at the Virginia War Museum in Newport News. The museum boasts a collection of military artifacts, uniforms, weapons, and equipment dating from colonial times to the present day.  Although the bulk of exhibits relate to 20th century events, there are several display cases devotedContinue reading “Civil War Exhibits: Virginia War Museum”

The St. Augustine Light: A Couple of Civil War Connections

I’ve always liked lighthouses.  Many reasons, but mostly as I always find myself contemplating how people rely upon the beacons in times of trouble (and the corresponding analogies to other aspects of life).  So on our trip down to St. Augustine, Florida, we made a stop at the lighthouse there. And of course, I alsoContinue reading “The St. Augustine Light: A Couple of Civil War Connections”

Back from a Long Weekend

I’m still catching up after an extended weekend trip that lasted through Monday.  With business in Richmond, I managed to swing through the Hampton area and conclude with a few “Seven Days” battlefield walks.  I’ve posted some of my trip report regarding stops at Big Bethel and the Army Transportation Museum.  In addition, I’ve madeContinue reading “Back from a Long Weekend”